Monday, April 5, 2010

April Awareness: Think Globally, Act Locally

Well, I can't get any more local than my own closet, and the mighty craft stash within.

With Earth Day looming, I have seen more and more ideas about 'stash busting', or basically, 'use what you've got', instead of continuing to ACCUMULATE. With the convincing argument of Heather at Dollar Store Crafts, I pledge to participate in the April Stash Bust. I am *forbidden* to buy more craft supplies 'just because'. And to encourage others to resist the temptation of buying more STUFF and put what they are no longer using to good use, you can also participate in a swap of what you are no longer using, or simply have too much of, as it is in my case.

If you would like to read all of Heather's great ideas of why YOU should take the leap and bust YOUR stash, you can find it here:

But, but...I have a coupon for Michael's...(sniff, sniff). Stay tuned for the swap results.

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