Friday, June 25, 2010

Star Spangled Headband

Today I have my first guest blogger. My daughters. While I was taking a shower this morning, my two girls were transforming an ordinary elastic headband into something a LOT less mundane. Very simply, they just tacked on all sorts of other mini clips they had on hand: stars, butterflies, rainbows, Boots the monkey, glitter clips and ribbons.

When I came out from the shower to take a look, I told them how impressed I was, and M told me that I should blog about it. Well, since our trip up to NY has kept me away from regular posting, I figured it's worth getting back on track with something!

So, feast your eyes on these beauties, so proud of their creation and the idea to post it for all to admire!


  1. I am glad I found your Blog, I really like it. I have a little girl as well it is so nice to see and learn what other Moms do:)