Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowcation (Day One)

Well, the weathermen were right about the crippling snowstorm in the South. We had FIVE inches of snow on Monday. And if you can remember how much of a tizzy a third of an inch caused last year, you can imagine the shut down five inches of snow brings about.

To start the day off right, with just the right amount of sugar, I put together these edible snowmen.
Start with a mini powdered donut, add regular chocolate chips for the eyes, mini chocolate chips for the "coal" mouth, and a triangular slice of a marshmallow dipped in orange sugar sprinkles for the nose.
Other clever moms would have saved a handful of candy corn from Halloween for a proper nose, but I'll just have to be more diligent next year. You could also use orange m&ms if you had those around, too. 

Roads are treacherous and cars have been abandoned all over, and they are predicting that temperatures won't get above freezing until Saturday, so we'll have to wait and see if the kids make it to school at all this week. We'll make plenty of good fun with the white canvas we have outside our door. 


  1. So glad you are having so much fun! Mmmm... doughnuts. We are expecting the snow by tonight.

  2. Oh Happy Snowmageddon! And happy belated bday to M! Such big girls now- love seeing how much they enjoy the snow, here in NYC- snow joy, hmm not so much. Can't believe the hubby skipped the party- he knows you, oh well, there's always this year. Happy New Year!!