Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween aftershock.
M woke up, climbed into our bed for 10 minutes or so, until we were ready to get moving. She began to make her plea. "Can we go downstairs now? I want to see my candy."

And B was in on the candy oggling and sorting through the smorgasbord:

"I got two "essy S's" (that's what they call the the fruity counterpart of "emmy m's"). Oh my gosh - lollipop! Emmy m's. My favorite. Every candy is my favorite. I just love candy."

And boy, does she ever. About halfway through church today, I hear a candy wrapper crinkling, followed by a sighting of one of Bailey's cheeks mysteriously bulging. Wish I had my camera then!


  1. We have a scary excess of candy too! Come check out my blog this week as I attempt to turn some of it into crafts and activities.

  2. Ah yes, the traditional Sorting of the Candy. :) That was just about my favorite thing to do after Trick or Treating. My brothers and I would dump it all out on the living room floor and sort into categories: Mini Candy bars (the best!), suckers, licorice/fruity, non-candy (coins, toothbrushes, etc) and then the hated hard candy/gum category. LOL I loved seeing all my booty laid out like that! I loved organizing even as a kid. :)