Friday, November 6, 2009

Other Things to do with Halloween Candy

Even though I LOVE candy myself, I am doing my best to teach the girls that you can have control over the massive loot and limit yourself to one piece a day. This, unfortunately, makes the enormous stash of candy seem to sit on the sidelines for weeks and weeks.

To use up the candy in different ways, I propose a "Taste Test". See if your kids can identify each candy by divvying them up into little bowls or a deconstructed egg carton. We conducted our own tasted test a couple months back and the girls made me re-enact the test for their friends over the days that followed.

Of course you can do this "Taste Test" with any sorts of food (this picture show a selection of salty, fruity and sweet items), but I'm sure that doing it with nibbles of snickers, sweet-tarts and skittles would be a lot more fun.

Blindfolds are optional. ;)

Another unorthodox use for Halloween candy I read about in Family Fun magazine is to conduct science experiments (which will melt fastest in water or in the microwave, etc.). I couldn't locate that exact article online, but they had some other cool ideas (like 'reverse trick-or-treating' and setting aside some leftovers to decorate a gingerbread house in December!):

And lastly, my own sweet moment of the day:

Waiting in carpool line can be a balance of wait, wait, wait then rush, rush, rush. So this morning, just to be on the safe side, I asked B for a kiss "before you run out." Her response: "I'll never run out of those kisses." I sure hope not!!


  1. Hello! Thanks for your kind words. I was wondering - Did you participate in our letter exchange? NYC transplant sounds familiar. Either way, welcome to blogging! :-)

  2. Yes, yes, yes!! How odd - I just checked your blog before I checked my own. Love the cardboard castle and the turkey pear! Just getting my feet wet on the blogging. Hope to be more prolific soon, weekend of the 13th-14th was jam packed with to do's. A fundraiser I coordinated Friday nt. (which raised $1000) and then I participated in a craft fair on Saturday (at which I earned $1, not kidding). Guess I made some karmic cash instead of real cash. Good to hear from you, and will link a couple of your projects when I get the chance. Love the oodles of good ideas you post!