Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Prayers Answered

We had a great dose of snow last Friday. Big Fat Flakes of February Snow! It was great watching it come down and create a blanket of white.

M got off the school bus and got right down to snow business.

B tried her best at catching snowflakes on her tongue without getting pelted in the eyes.

Saturday morning was sunny enough, but not too warm to melt everything instantly, as it so often does following a snowstorm in the South. The neighborhood kids (and adults) were out in full effect taking advantage if the sledding opportunity. Sleds and saucers are impossible to find (and impractical to own) in the South. Only one out of 6 families had a proper sled (thanks for sharing, Patty!), so that meant the rest of us were dragging out every other possible sledding device we could conjure - slick cardboard boxes, baking trays, and lids from giant plastic tubs. What a blast!

And what better way to top off a snowy play day? A blazing fire and hot cocoa with marshmallows, of course!!

Hope your February is just as sweet!

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