Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Calling All New Bloggers

Back in April, I joined

The reason I joined was because the Dollar Store Crafts blog challenged its readers to a) give up shopping for new craft supplies for the month in the 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' spirit of Earth Day, and b) to find someone on swap-bot to exchange surplus craft supplies with.

It has been a lot of fun seeing the types of swaps that people create. It seems that there are a lot of swaps intended to find pen pals or to exchange recipes, postcards, treats, and craft ideas. They can revolve around a theme of some sort (a specific color, a cartoon/anime character, a holiday or season) or they can be centered around what the recipient writes in his/her profile.

I have learned some new lingo involved with swapping, too, like newbies, flakes, sender's choice and angel. (**You swappers know what I'm talking about.**)

This week I found an intriguing swap. One that introduces 10 other swappers to your blog. In return, you also follow 10 swappers blogs as well. I think this is a fantastic idea because I love to hear what others think about my blog, but it appears that I have few readers. Hopefully this swap will cure my no comment blues, and maybe I'll make a couple bloggie friends along the way.


  1. What a great idea!Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for joining my swap and blogging about it :) We had such a good turn out I'm thinking about hosting one again in a few months!!

    QueenQuisa (Swap-bot)

  3. i am also new to swap bot and learned many swap lingo from it. ^-^ Although I still don't understand some of the more elite terms. o_O

    here to chase away your no comment blues. ^-^


  4. Hi there. I am one of your partners for this swap. Your blog is very interesting. I shall def. keep following.


  5. Hi I'm here from the same swap.

    Your rosettes looked interesting.

    Most of the blogs I've been looking at aren't quite my thing. I think part of it is that 1) I'm Australian not American 2) I don't have kids.


  6. Hello. I am here from the "Follow Me" blog. My name on Swap-Bot is Nomorerain3. The picture in your header is GORGEOUS! I am not very crafty but I love to see what other creative people can come up with.

  7. Hi I'm TARAism from swap-bot. Along with following you, I featured you in a blog post that will be publish within the next 20 minutes :D

  8. Swap - Bot is amazing for that, making friends and challenging oneself to new forms of creativity. It's such fun! That is nice that you gave up shopping for new craft supplies for the month in the 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' spirit of Earth Day. I don't do much shopping myself and tend to keep all my rubbish for re-purposing crafts. :) Or now have been sending my items to others in casual swaps. I joined up to Swap Bot a month later than you, and have found new friendships blooming. This new exchange where we get the opportunity to visit one another's blog is so worthwhile as we get a chance to discover who everyone is and appreciate their experiences. Love from Ana Goncalves on Swap-Bot

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's kinda embarrassing how I went from one blog a month to a whole lot! lol. Think it also has to do with being on vacation. Let's see what happens when I'm back at work. Hope you'll stop by and visit again.

  10. My pleasure. It's a good way to truly connect with people, isn't it! I know how you feel about accumulating blogs over a month, it's just goes to show the amount of life's one can truly enjoy being a part of. I added your blog link to my crafting blog. :) Hope you are well. Love from Ana Goncalves on Swap-Bot. I have just completed another blog exchange. Did you sign up with 'blog me, baby' too?