Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swap Success

The "I'm a New Blogger, Follow Me" Swap was a tremendous success. I found some pretty original bloggers out there. Many from the good ol' USofA, and two ladies from Tanzania and Singapore, too.

@ Sharissa (sharylove)
Advice for pregnant women and new moms by Shary, a certified doula, and her own adventures as a mother of 1.
@ Rochelle (stampkrl)
Sewing and quilting projects galore, an embroidery machine afficianado.
The swap organizer and definitely a queen in the coupon swapping kingdom.
@ Ambrosia (LadyAmbrosia)
Ambrosia loves all things mail: post cards, vintage stamps, wax seals, and tricked out homemade envelopes. Oh yeah, and Bon Jovi.
@ Jessica (icalea)
This mama makes all kinds of fab creations: felt flash cards, bed roll, camera straps, ouchie cold packs. Tutorials would be great (!) but hopefully her etsy shop (BambinoBazaar) will be filled with her wonderful wares soon so we can all enjoy them.
@ Jessica (sparsileactivity)
A fellow Georgian providing toy/game reviews and make-up reviews.
@ Tima (teemis)
Pictures, recipes, and observations of a Canadian mom living in Tanzania with her husband and 4-year-old son.
@ Pauline (scrappinauntie)
A California geocaching grandmother, strawberry-loving, scrapbooking MACHINE! She has made over 200 pages so far this year alone.
@ Samantha (mireillie)
Reviews of iPhone apps games and discussions/video posts of current music trends in Asia.
@ Crystal (3stairs)
A graphic designer and homeschooler living in Texas. My 10th swap partner – glad I saved the best for last. She made a pictorial review of her 10 partners. Nicely done.

I do enjoy browsing other blogs, but it's been especially nice to find somebody reading mine for a change. Thanks you to all the lovely ladies who stopped by to find out what "Fun As You Make It" is all about. I truly appreciate your thoughtful comments.

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  1. Hi! Wasn't it amazing the turnout this swap recieved?!! I'm angeldiva on swapbot and I'm one of your partners so I'm following you now and look forward to reading more of your blog posts! <3